About Us Online Appointment System

(kindly go through the instructions given below and schedule your online appointment at the link "SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT" at the bottom of the page)

i. Visa Applicants should fill online visa application forms on www.indianvisaonline.gov.inbullet and submit a print out of filled-in form with two colour photographs (51mmx51mm) and documents as specified at the following page:
Visa - https://www.hcinairobi.gov.in/eoinrb_pages/MTkx

ii. OCI Applicants should fill online OCI application form on the website https://passport.gov.in/oci/ bullet and submit a print out of filled-in form with 3 colour photographs (51mmx51mm) and documents as specified at the following page:
OCI - https://www.hcinairobi.gov.in/eoinrb_pages/MTkz

iii. Applications for issue of passport (new passport, renewal of passport, duplicate passport and change of name in passport) and Birth Registration Certificate are to be made online. Hard copies of all filled in applications are to be submitted along with relevant documents and photographs at the High Commission.
Passport Services - https://www.hcinairobi.gov.in/eoinrb_pages/MTg3

iv. Applications for Emergency Certificate, Attestation of documents/Power of Attorney, Affidavits, Police Clearance Certificate, Renunciation of Indian Citizenship are to be submitted in hard copy at the High Commission along with relevant documents and photographs.
Miscellaneous Services (https://www.hcinairobi.gov.in/eoinrb_pages/MTk2 )

v. Please note that you may select an Individual appointment (applicable to one person), or a Family appointment (applicable to Parents and their dependent children).

vi. Before scheduling the appointment, please ensure that you have the following documents available:

i. Valid email-id

ii. Valid Passport

iii. Completely filled application with Web File Number (except in the case of Miscellaneous Consular Services)

vii. The visa applicants are requested to kindly ensure that they have valid vaccination cards for Yellow Fever and Polio.

viii. For medical visa, a patient and his attendant may opt for family appointments.

Please note that no application shall be accepted without prior appointment. However, certain emergency cases (applicable to one person and refers to a death or medical emergency in your immediate family) may be considered on case-to-case basis. In Emergency appointments, all documentation must be provided as required.

Important: Once you have scheduled your appointment successfully, an appointment receipt shall be generated. Entry in the Mission's premises shall be allowed only after producing a print out of this online receipt.

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