About Us Conversion of Valid PIO cards into OCI

The PIO scheme was abolished by the Government of India in January 2015 and all PIO cards issued till January 2015 needed to be converted into OCI cards. 

In view of the above, all those PIO cardholders who had not applied for PIO-to-OCI conversion were requested to apply for the same in this Mission at the earliest. This service was free of charge until 31st December 2017. Any request for conversion of PIO card in to OCI after the expiry of the current deadline of 31st December 2017, would attract a fee of USD 100 (for Kenya it is Ksh 11,000 + 400).

Please note that after the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) rules/guidelines (with respect to travel to machine readable travel documents) come into effect from October/November 2018, all PIO cardholders travelling to India on the strength of their PIO cards will be refused entry at the Indian immigration counters and sent back.